Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Mr Cameron, will you make the same promise for children as you did for homeowners?

The first time I saw Tory leader David Cameron in action in Parliament, I thought I was watching a promo for a new, "Yes Minister" style BBC comedy program starring a John Cleese wannabe, (remember the days when the BBC made comedy shows that actually contained comedy and news that contained news?). It was only when the next segment showed an interview with a Sydney commuter, complaining that he could never get a seat on peak hour trains in a city of over four million people, did I realize I was watching our Six O'clock news.

Since then I have followed his career as a politician and bandwagon jumper with interest, sometimes wondering if he would do better jumping on bandwagons with his pushbike like some sort of environmentally friendly Evel Knievel.

Never one to miss an election year opportunity, he jumped on to a story and proclaimed, "Burglars leave their human rights outside" the moment they break in to someone else's property. A sweeping statement that no doubt appeals to many.

What interests me is the specific nature of his "promise" and of even more interest is his willingness to extend this policy to other more heinous crimes - child abuse, child neglect and sexual exploitation of children.

Time and again a horrified British public have seen such offenders walk away with virtually a slap on the wrist. Increasingly there is also the perception that many involved in the neglect or sexual abuse of children are somehow protected - and that such protection is widespread. Many questions are asked by a concerned public and not too many are answered by the powers-that-be.

Will David Cameron make the same pledge about child abusers as he did about burglars? I doubt he would find too many people unwilling to accept the concept of abusers being stripped off their human rights the moment they harm a child - society's most vulnerable. Houses have security doors, security windows and alarms to protect them - children have no such protection, no form of defense - except a system that consistently fails them

Stealing someone's childhood is far worse in my book than nicking someone's 26" TV.

So come on David - how about it? The people would be behind you - or are you worried about others who may behind you with a not so friendly sharp instrument?

Wherever you may be - be safe

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