Sunday, February 14, 2010

Child Abuse: Why is a leading child welfare campaigner being held by Scottish police?

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Robert Green In Grampian Police Custody

Robert Green, the campaigner leading the investigation into the Hollie Greig case, has been detained by Grampian Police in Aberdeen.

Robert had gone to Aberdeen to campaign for justice for Hollie, and to announce his intention to stand for election there as an MP on the single issue of Hollie’s case. Somehow, Grampian Police traced Robert to his B&B, picked him up from there and handed his key back to the proprietor – clearly indicating they intend to keep him for some time.

We are extremely concerned for Robert’s safety. Grampian Police’s press office will not confirm his wellbeing. He has committed no crime other than to speak out.

Mike Hitchen - Perhaps Grampian Police would like to comment on Mr. Green? Doing so would be sensible PR when one considers the reputation of Scottish police in relation to their handling of cases involving systematic pedophilia and allegations of protection for those involved.

A simple statement outlining the circumstances of Mr. Green's detention, (apparently for handing out flyers), as would be expected in a democratic, transparent environment, is all that is needed.

After all, others with strong direct connections to Scotland have handed out flyers and distributed posters of an allegedly abducted child, unhindered by police.

Perhaps Mr. Green's intention was merely to leave no stone unturned in seeking answers for Holly Grieg?

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