Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yemen: International talk-fest to achieve stability in Yemen

Government of the United Kingdom - The UK will host a high-level meeting on 27 January to discuss how the international community can address the social and economic issues in Yemen.

Earlier this month the Prime Minister announced that the UK would host a meeting focusing on the pressing issues in Yemen and how the international community can better co-ordinate efforts to support the Government of Yemen in addressing the social, economic and political problems in the region.

Only by doing this can we ensure long-term security, stability and prosperity for the people of Yemen, and in doing so increase regional security and stability.

The London Meeting, which will take place on 27 January, is part of an overall process of increasing international engagement on Yemen . It will be attended by Foreign Ministers from key regional partners and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, representatives from the EU, the UN and other international organisations such as the international Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Representatives will discuss how to address complex issues in Yemen that will impact on the region's future stability and prosperity, among them economic decline which, if not addressed, threatens regional security and economic interests, including energy security and global trade flows.

It is also feared that continued conflict and loss of livelihoods could result in increasing poverty, a humanitarian crisis, and destabilising mass - migration within the country and northwards into the Gulf.

The focus of the London meeting will be on galvanising international support for Yemen and co-ordinating assistance to address the longer term economic and social factors underlying extremism and radicalisation. It will not be a pledging meeting.

After the meeting David Miliband and Foreign Minister Abubakr Al-Qirbi will hold a press conference to outline the issues discussed at the conference.

The Press conference will be live streamed from around 18:00 GMT.

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