Monday, January 18, 2010

Israel: Support to Israel is no favor - anti Zionist Orthodox Jewish activist

Source: Neturei Karta International Press Release: In regards to the upcoming visit of the government of Israel to the government of Germany tomorrow, January 18, 2010 to negotiate the acquisition of weapons and armament, Mr. Reuven Cabelman, an anti Zionist Orthodox Jewish activist, said last night in a meeting, that: "with all due respect to the German Government for their willingness to help Jews, still Jewish Orthodox Rabbis worldwide find it important to clarify that help or assistance for Israel is no favor for Jews, but a tragedy for the Jewish people and for the Jewish Religion."

Cabelman stated that: "The Zionist movement attempts to transform Judaism from a religion into base nationalism void of faith in the Almighty."

He explained: "According to Jewish religion Jews are presently in a divinely decreed exile since the destruction of the second Temple some 2000 years ago and are strictly forbidden to create their own sovereign national country. This would be forbidden even in an uninhabited land, but when this happens in an inhabited land by oppressing, murdering, and stealing from its indigenous inhabitants, this compounds the crime many times over."

He added: "Orthodox Jews true to the Torah worldwide are deeply pained when Israel uses weapons of destruction against innocent civilians, men, women and children. To commit there crimes in name of the Jewish people and in the name of the Jewish religion is even more painful."

Mr. Cabelman continued to explain that: "Jews lived for generations in peace and harmony in Muslim lands, including Palestine. Jews are thankful for that. The current conflict only began close to 100 years ago, with the establishment of the relatively new Zionist philosophy. Helping Israel, unfortunately, exacerbates the conflict and promotes anti-Semitism worldwide, which is certainly not a favor for Jews."

"Therefore," he announced that "Orthodox Rabbis representing Jewish communities worldwide will participate in a demonstration in front of the government buildings in Berlin, Germany to express the Jewish sorrow against the Zionist heretic criminals and to clarify that the state of Israel does not represent the Jewish people and certainly not the Jewish religion."

He concluded by expressing that: "We hope and pray to the Almighty for the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the entire state of Israel when at that time Jews will once again be able to coexist with their Arab neighbors under a one Palestinian government over the entire land as we lived for centuries prior to Zionism."

The opinions expressed in this article are those of Mr. Reuven Cabelman, Neturei Karte International

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