Thursday, January 07, 2010

Angola: Diarrhoeic illnesses claim 107 lives

Source: Government of Angola

Sumbe – A total of 107 people perished in the coastal Kwanza Sul province during the year 2009, victims of diarrhoeic illnesses.

The information was disclosed to the press by the head of the provincial department of public health and control to endemic diseases, Henrique Silvestre.

According to the source, 25,795 cases of diarrhoeic diseases were recorded in the province during the referred period.

He referred that the most affected districts were Sumbe, Porto Amboim and Mussende, having added that this number reflects the lack of care from the population in treating water and rubbish.

Henrique Silvestre urged the population to treat water before drinking and deposit rubbish in appropriate sites and burn it.

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