Friday, December 04, 2009

Pollution: 1,460 barrels of oil spill from pipeline in central Russia

FOCUS Information Agency - Some 200 tons (1,460 barrels) of oil have spilled from a pipeline in central Russia's Lipetsk Region, the Emergencies Ministry said on Thursday, RIA Novosti reported.

A section of the Druzhba pipeline network burst at around 03:20 p.m. (12:20 GMT) on Wednesday, some 90 kilometers southwest of the city of Lipetsk, the ministry said in a statement. Repair work is underway.

The oil did not spill into the nearby river Vorgol, the ministry said.

Druzhba, the world's longest pipeline network, was built in the 1960s to pump oil from central Russia to Europe.

The pipeline starts in central Russia's Samara Region, and divides into two branches. The southern branch pumps crude via Ukraine, while the northern branch passes through Belarus, and then on to Germany via Poland.

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