Friday, November 06, 2009

Venezuela: Venezuela deploys 15,000 troops on border

Venezuela has announced a supplementary deployment of more than 15,000 agents of the National Guard to six border states amid alleged invasion of Colombian irregular groups.

Xinhua reports the troops would be deployed to the southern states of Amazonas, Apure and Bolivar, and to the southwestern states of Barinas, Tachira and Zuila, Venezuelan Vice President and Defense Minister Ramon Carrizales (photo) told the press on Thursday.

The deployment, called "Sentinel Operation," aimed to strike illegal mining and combat the presence of irregular groups in the Venezuelan territory.

This action was followed by the detainment of five alleged Colombian paramilitaries during a clash with the Venezuelan police in Tachira on Thursday morning.

Two of the detainee were killed, from whom two fusils, taken from two agents of the National Guard killed on Monday in the border area, were found, the authorities said.

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