Monday, November 23, 2009

Sri Lanka: Get Shangili - hunt for transnational terrorist

Security and INTEL agencies have turned the spot light on Ravi Shanker Kanagarajah alias Shangili, a most wanted transnational terrorist cum kingpin of overseas based human trafficking and illegal arms smuggling activities.

According to informed sources, Ravi Shankar is also found to be the owner of MV Ocean Lady alias Princess Eashwary, vessels extensively used in human smuggling activities- in the LTTE’s overseas network based in INDONESIA, MALAYSIA and THAILAND. Earlier, on October 2009, Canadian immigration authorities arrested MV Princess Eashwary (MV Ocean Lady) while smuggling-in 76 bogus asylum seekers into Canadian waters from South Asia. The vessel "Princess Eashwary" is also said to be used extensively for gunrunning activities of the LTTE outfit, prior to its military defeat in May, 2009.

“His activities abroad have to be very closely monitored by the Law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the countries where he is taking shelter. It is the responsibility of such authorities to take him into custody and deport to Sri Lanka”, a senior defence official said in reply to a question raised by our correspondent on the possibilities of Shanker’s arrest. “Terrorism is no longer by an extension of war”, he further stated.

According to the official, Sri Lanka Law enforcement authorities in working hand-in-hand with the concerned government’s for an extradition order on such criminals cum terrorists.

Ravi Shanker is a great threat for the security on the entire south Asian region, he said. He is also one of the very important and most wanted figure in the organized crimes and human smuggling in the region, the official further said.

In the backdrop of the military defeat of LTTE, its activists of the existing international wing are making extraneous efforts to mobilize. Such steps are aligned with its sole aim of destabilizing the island nation, affecting its sovereignity and drawing it back to death and destruction.

Ravi Shanker alias Shangili is a Sri Lankan passport holder who had claimed bogus asylum to evade Canadian immigration authorities. He is a key LTTE gunrunner also allegedly engaged in human smuggling, who owns three vessels which are currently under operation and registered in Panama. According to informed sources, these vessels were used as floating LTTE warehouses cum armouries

The subject maintained close links with Ponniah Anandarajah aka Aiyya aka Rajah aka Aiyyanna (Accountant, US), Rajan (LTTE Air Wing activist, Malaysia), Bahitharan aka Bhavi (Manager of LTTE shipping operations, Indonesia) and Kumar one of the shipping agents/human smuggler in Indonesia. Presently owns few LTTE vessels and speedboats that had been previously used to transfer arms and ammunition from overseas to Sri Lanka and presently these are being used to coordinates illegal operations particularly human smuggling sources further added.

Ravi Shankar has joined the LTTE as a Sea Tiger cadre and had been involved in arms procurement/smuggling to LTTE since early 90s. He has joined the LTTE shipping network and employed as a Cadet in the MV SUN BIRD which was operating on the strict control and guidance of Prabakaran. Since then Ravi Shankar is involved in smuggling of arms and illegal human trafficking.

Presently he owns “Harritel Merchant Marine Co. Ltd registered in Republic of Marshall.

Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

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