Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rights of The Child: Call for a Convention on the Rights of the Melanesian Child

Radio Australia reports a senior Papua New Guinea politician has called for a Convention on the Rights of the Melanesian Child.

Dame Carol Kidu, PNG's Minister for Social Development, plans to hold a workshop on the idea, either during her final term in office, or after she retires at the next election.

She says the contract ought to enshrine positive characteristics of traditional Melanesian childhood, such as the right to an extended family.

"The outside world tend to come in and teach the developing world about rights, and it's terribly insulting," Dame Kidu said.

"It is really quite patronising and insulting, because I believe some of the rights of the Melanesian child, as they were traditionally, I want my grandchildren to enjoy those rights, not lose them."
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