Thursday, October 15, 2009

Myanmar: Myanmar adds another border trade zone

Myanmar will add one more border trade zone in Kokang region, in the country's northern Shan State,to facilitate trading between the region and neighboring China, sources with the Ministry of Border Area and National Races Development said on Thursday.

The new border trade zone to be built in Yan Lone Chai township, which is about 12.8 kilometers away from the Kokang capital of Laukkai, will be another after Chinshwehaw.

Once the Yan Lone Chai border trade zone is completed, it will help enhance the economic development of Laukkai and the Kokang asa whole as the border trade zone can be accessible by direct road link with Lashio, Kuttkai and Theini townships, it said.

With an area of 5,200 square-kilometers, Kokang, bordering China's Zhenkang, Gengma, Mengding and Longling areas, has a population of about 150,000.

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