Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Indonesia: Indonesia set to rethink stoning law

Xinhua - Indonesia may revise the new stoning law in Aceh province, which rights group says against the human rights, following the public outcry over the bylaw that mandates stoning to death for adulterers, a paper said Wednesday.

The provincial lawmakers, major political party Ulemas and executives have agreed to review the Islamic criminal code endorsed by previous councilors in September.

"Qanun Jinayat (the law) is still controversial and the Acehnese people are not ready for it, they need a better understanding of their religion," said Hasbi Abdullah, acting council chairman, quoted by the Jakarta globe.

Another lawmaker from Aceh Party named only Abdullah said current councilors were generally against the bylaw and eager to revise it.

On Sept. 14, the legislative council passed the bylaw that calls for stoning adulterers to death and 100 lashes for premarital sex.

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