Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bilateral Relations: Turkey, Armenia "not writing history but making it"

PanARMENIAN.Net - The presidents of Turkey and Armenia sat side-by-side to watch a World Cup soccer match on Wednesday, in a show of unity meant to help defuse opposition to an agreement to reopen their border and restore relations.

At a meeting of the delegations of Turkey and Armenia in Bursa, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said “making history can not take place in a single day.”

"This is a process. We have witnessed together that we can solve the difficult problems within this process," Gul said during the meeting of Turkish and Armenian delegations.

The participants at the meeting of the delegations affirmed that Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan displayed the same courage shown by President Abdullah Gul in September 2008 by coming to Turkey to watch a World Cup qualifying match between the teams of Turkey and Armenia on Wednesday.

The delegations expressed during the meeting that the two sides showed an example of great leadership and that the people of both countries got closer to each other. President Gul referred to the process with Armenia as "extremely important development".

Sources said that Gul told the delegations "great steps were taken. A legal platform was prepared. There are documents that were signed. The next process will be to make progress on this platform".

The calendar as set forth in the documents will go into effect once the documents have been approved, Gul said.

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, for his part, said that the steps taken by Turkey and Armenia were crucial.

“I have experienced difficulty while trying to inform certain circles since August 31. I have completed the process by facing difficulties,” Sargsyan said.

“I have not tried to inform people in order to receive permission from the Armenian diaspora. I wanted to convey a decision of the Armenian Government to the diaspora and held meetings in order to update them,” he said.

“There could be individuals with different thoughts in both countries, Turkey and Armenia. What is important is to see that the number of people thinking positively about our steps are in the majority. The number of people thinking positively will increase in time. We are doing the right thing. We are taking steps which we believe are right,” the Armenian President concluded.

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