Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pakistan: Pakistan swaps Saudi Arabia two sons of top Yemeni Al-Qaeda leader Alawi, in exchange for five members of a Pakistani family

KUNA reports Pakistan has handed over to Saudi Arabia two sons of top Yemeni Al-Qaeda leader Alawi to exchange the release of the five members of a Pakistani family arrested on alleged smuggling charges in the kingdom, it was reported here on Tuesday.

The Saudi authorities had shared intelligence information about Alawi's sons Ali and Siddique with Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik during his recent visit to Jeddah and requested cooperation in tracing and arresting the two top planners of suicide attacks, citing unnamed sources local newspaper Dawn reported.

On the basis of the information, it said, Pakistani intelligence agencies went into action and arrested the two during a raid on sanctuary in tribal areas where they were hiding.

They were brought to Islamabad and, after brief interrogation, were sent to Saudi Arabia escorted by security officials, said Dawn. Getting hold of the wanted persons Prince Nayef announced the release of a five-member Pakistani family arrested earlier on the charge of smuggling drugs into the kingdom.

Alawi is a top Al-Qaeda leader from Yemen, who masterminded the suicide attack on Saudi Deputy Interior Minister Prince Mohammad bin Nayef in Jeddah last month. His two sons were operating from Pakistan's tribal areas, managing and supervising terror attack.

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