Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Defense: Russia to buy warships from France

Pravda - Russia intends to purchase a large battleship for its navy – a Mistral class universal amphibious vessel capable of carrying helicopters on board, The Kommersant newspaper reports with reference to La Tribune, France. The deal can be Russia’s first experience in purchasing military hardware abroad.

The talks about Russia’s intention to purchase a Mistral vessel are underway, and the situation will finally become clear in September, La Tribune wrote. However, it seems that the French Defense Ministry and the government of the nation do not seem to be able to come to a common opinion on the matter.

Russia reportedly contacted France’s military officials with a suggestion to purchase such a vessel and build three others at Russian shipyards afterwards.

The newspaper refers to a letter from French Defense Minister Herve Morin to his Russian counterpart Anatoly Serdyukov. The French minister particularly wrote that he shared the point of view about the mutual interest in the beginning of the adequate talks between Russian and French experts.

The command of the Russian Navy refused to comment the information about the purchase of the French warship. Other Russian companies and departments withheld any comments too.

Many Russian military experts, who approved Russia’s purchasing of unmanned aircraft from Israel, treat the idea of buying a French warship negatively. The Russian navy is currently unable to fund the serial production of combatant boats, not to mention large vessels.
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