Friday, July 24, 2009

Brazil: 175 named as using slaves

An article by Edison Bernardo DeSouza in Brazzil Magazine, reports the release by the Brazilian Public Defense of a new listing of employers involved in slave work in Brazil.

According to the Labor Ministry (MET), the "dirty list", as it is called is an updated version of a most recent one, inserting 13 new employers, reiterating 4 and excluding 34 previous names due to a judicial decision.

The collected data includes 175 people amongst individuals and private businesses.

The report is updated every semester, and lists employers who can no longer appeal, as a final verdict has already been reached. On the other hand, it excludes previously listed names, once it is verified by the Ministry that discrepancies have been corrected and lawbreakers have no longer perpetrated the crime.

A full list of names in PDF can be seen here

Published by Mike Hitchen,
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