Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photography: End of an era as Kodak drop Kodachrome

Xinhua - Eastman Kodak Co. (EK) said Monday that it will discontinue its storied 74-year-old Kodachrome color film this year due to its floundering sales, media reported Tuesday.

The move comes as Kodak tries to focus its business. In January, the company said it would cut up to 4,500 jobs, or 18 percent of its workforce.

Kodachrome now accounts for less than one percent of the company's sales of still-picture film. Today 70 percent of its revenue is from consumer and commercial digital business, according to the company.

"It was certainly a difficult decision to retire it, given its rich history. However, the majority of today's photographers have voiced their preference to capture images with newer technology, film and digital." said Mary Jane Hellyar, the president of Kodak's film division.

Created by musicians Leopold Godowsky Jr. and Leopold Maines, who timed their experiments with a metronome, Kodachrome is often referred to as being "made by God and Man."

Kodachrome was introduced in 1935 and was the first colour film to get commercial success.
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