Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Indigenous Issues: Leader of Peru's rebellion takes refuge in Nicaraguan embassy

AFP reports Peru's Prime Minister Yehude Simon said late Monday that Alberto Pizango - wanted on charges of sedition, conspiracy and rebellion - had taken refuge in the Nicaraguan embassy.

The Indian leader “has already taken asylum,” Simon told members of Congress.

Pizango, who was in the capital Lima when the violence in the city of Bagua broke out, spoke to reporters on Friday and accused President Alan Garcia of “genocide” and for “perpetuating the worst slaughter of our people in the last 20 years.”

However Pizango's replacement, Daysi Zapata, was just as adamant that the protesters would continue the fight.

“We will never step back, we have not lost this struggle,” Zapata said at a press conference. “This government has stained our Peru with blood,” she said.
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