Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Madeleine McCann: The bonfire of the vanities

Never in the field of child betrayal have so many been sued by so few, to silence so much.

Having failed to protect their child, Kate and Gerry McCann continue their relentless now self-confessed campaign to protect their reputations. They have announced their intent to sue former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral for defamation. Amaral joins the growing list of victims targeted for legal action by Team McCann, who within a very short time of Madeleine being reported "missing" had enlisted the aid of high priced, high profile lawyers to protect the McCann's interests.

In his book "The Truth of the Lie" Amaral states his opinion of the case - an opinion based on his personal experience and involvement in the investigation. However, to question the McCanns or voice opinions critical of Kate and Gerry and their irresponsible, questionable and puzzling actions is actively and vigorously discouraged. Try posting a dissenting comment to a British newspaper and no matter how polite or well written that comment, it is unlikely to be published. Only the "bleeding hearts" may apply as far as the media is concerned.

The Daily Mail reports "they want to force the pulping of the book". Their aim is to force the book off the shelves in Portugal and stop publication in America, (a market Gerry once aimed to control) and silence Amaral - the man who may know too much.

The McCann Barmy Army having goose-stepped their way into a Portuguese resort that wanted to be left alone, just so they could film their own McCann friendly version of events, now want to silence and pulp any dissenting voice. Amaral is just as entitled to state his belief's backed up with credible information, as the McCanns are entitled to express their beliefs backed up by ever changing testimonies, contradictions and an endless list of cartoon-book suspects and false sightings reported by questionable "witnesses".

The McCanns have included their children as complainants in the action. As well as Madeleine who was made a Ward of Court shortly after she vanished, the younger twins she was left to look after every night of the family holiday are also included.

Team McCann explains, ‘Sean and Amelie require protection as they prepare to start school this autumn." Yet the McCanns themselves have consistently used Sean and Amelie as pull-at-the-heart-strings marketing tools in their campaign to raise awareness of how they are willing to do anything to find their daughter - as long as it only involves meeting high profile celebrities and back-slappers and collecting friends from the airport in Portugal while locals searched for Madeleine.

Virtually every article that is now published about the McCanns, includes strategic references to Sean and Amelie. I have lost count of the number of times a compliant journalist has commented on Amelie's "remarkable resemblance to Madeleine".

If they want to protect the twins they should have started doing it earlier and more effectively - but then again, dear old Kate and Gerry have a demonstrated dismal track record in child protection. If they hadn't, a little girl would be coming home and telling mum and dad what she did at school today.

Provided of course, she caught them before they went out to dinner with friends.
Written and published by Mike Hitchen, Mike Hitchen Consulting
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