Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Macedonia: Macedonia ready to compromise on name change

Macedonia is ready for a compromise in the name dispute with Greece, but Athens should show the same willingness so that all hurdles are removed from Macedonia’s way to NATO, said Macedonian Defense Minister Zoran Kanjanovski, cited by Macedonian Vecer daily.

“At the meeting with the ministers from the region we welcomed Croatia and Albania’s NATO membership. This is a success for the entire region; this is Macedonia’s success as well. We are happy that the two Balkan countries are members of the Alliance. This opens the way to the other countries in the region. We started the reforms together within the framework of the Adriatic group, which was advised by the U.S.,” Kanjanovski said in an interview with Partner magazine of the Montenegrin Defense Ministry and Armed Forces.

Source: FOCUS Information Agency
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