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Sri Lanka: Saravanamuttu loses his temper at roundtable discussion in London over misappropriation allegations.

Dr. Pakiyasothy Saravanamuttu, alias 'Sara' as well known in the Colombo night circles and the executive director of the Center for Policy Alternative(CPA), a heavily Western funded NGO was outraged when questions were raised on misappropriation of NGO funds, moments before a Chatham House roundtable discussion in London.

The usually academic Saravanamuttu, lost his cool and was calling Douglas Wickramaratne, President of UK's Sri Lankan Association "below his dignity" and "contemptible" for dragging in the financial misappropriation of CPA (the NGO) where his side kicks former Free Media Movement(FMM) Chief organiser, Sunanda Deshapriya and Secretary Poddala Jayantha have admitted the charge and resigned.

Saravanamuttu was angry and said that this issue of misappropriation should not have been brought into this forum at all. He would have, among other things, very embarrassed that this was mentioned in front of those liberals who were filling the seats at the round table.

Mr. Douglas Wickramaratne in all calmness said, "It is generally accepted in Sri Lanka that the last people who want permanent peace in the country are the NGO's as the hierarchy of those organizations enjoyed a luxury life-style earning millions of Rupees a month.

During his outburst of anxiety cum embarrassment, Dr. Saravanamuttu also attacked the Tamil National Alliance(TNA) Member of Parliament from Wanni District who expressed his satisfaction of the Sri Lankan government's initiative in setting-up civilian welfare centers and accused him of taking part in a "conducted tour of the government."

Saravanamuttu did not seem to have visited them or tried to visit them. Therefore, he did not have any notes about them to compare with those of the TNA MP Vinodha-Radhalingam or groups of foreign ambassadors who praised them, an official at the discussion table was quoted as saaying.

Mr. Douglas Wickramaratne questioned why Saravanamuttu is predicting about the future of those Tamil civilians, at the height of the war, when they are on a better footing than most other IDP's.

"The LTTE leader Prabhakaran chased out 100,000 Muslims from the Jaffna peninsula giving them only 24 hours notice, permitting them to take with them the equivalent of œ 5 of British money in their pockets. Still those Muslims, after many decades are living a squalid life and are unfortunate enough not to get any attention from people like Saravanamuttu", Wickramaratne charged. Seemingly agitated once again, Saravanamuttu said he was not here to explain what they did not do and did do for various communities in the past. If he wanted, Wickramaratne was asked to meet him outside for another explanation.

He was hell bent against Sri Lanka. Only one other individual, Velupillai Prabhakaran would have been little more anti-Sri Lanka than him, a participant at the event said speaking with our correspondent.

The British parliament is the only legislature where there is a parliamentary group for Tamils, and many have been repeating well hacked slogans of the Tamil Tigers like "Genocide" - a notoriously unsubstantiated statement only of cheap propagandist value. Many of them seem to be dependent on about 100,000 Tamils settled in London for their votes. It is being led by a Goanese British parliamentarian, now being investigated for his sleazy behaviour.

The London Daily Mail recently accused of "grotesque abuse of his position" in helping a convicted conman and having received "lavish hospitality" from him, he said. The relationship of Vaz and London's LTTE is not well known, except that he parrot-like repeats many Prabhakaran slogans.

Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

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