Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Burma: Junta orders goons to reduce Rohingya community by 75 percent to 25 percent

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The Deputy Home Minister Brig-General Phone Swe has ordered Nasaka Commanders to reduce the population of Rohingya community by 75 percent to 25 percent on the Burma-Bangladesh border areas when the minister visited Taugbro Sub-town of Maungdaw Township on February 22, said a close Nasaka aide on condition of anonymity.

When the minister visited Taungbro sub-town in Maungdaw Township of Arakan State he asked the Nasaka Commanders about the extent of the population of Buddhist and Muslims Rohingya in Nasaka areas in Maungdaw Township.

Regarding this, the Nasaka Commanders said that the existing population of the Rohingya community is 75 percent while 25 percent of the population accounts for the Buddhist community. On learning that, the deputy home minister was very angry and had asked the Nasaka commanders what they have been doing all this time. He asked the Nasaka commanders that the population ratio must be 25 per vent Muslim Rohingya and 75 percent Buddhist within a short period.

After being encouraged by the higher authorities, the Nasaka commanders of Maungdaw Township have begun to step up harassment against the Rohingya community.

At present, in Nasaka area No. 3, about 40-Rohingya have been detained in the camp by registering false and fabricated cases against them. They were alleged to have roofed the houses, fenced the compound with bamboos, renovated walls (made of mud) of the houses, possessing mobile phones and have relatives in foreign countries, etc. The commander of the Nasaka area No.3 is Major Than Thay, of the Rakhine community is famous for his notorious activities. The commander was transferred to that Nasaka area on January 6, said a student requesting not to be named.

However, some of the arrestees were released after paying kyat 300,000 to 500,000 to the Nasaka officer and those who were unable to pay the demanded money are still in custody at the Nasaka camp. The arrestees are from Nasaka area No. 3. There are some Rohingyas detained in other Nasaka areas.

According to a village elder from the locality, Nasaka extorted kyat 50 million only from Nasaka area No.3 in three months. This matter had been told to the concerned higher authorities, but it has taken no action against the culprits.

The Nasaka registers false allegations and makes arbitrary arrests against the Rohingya community for money. They (Nasaka) know that if the Nasaka or police or concerned authorities harass the Rohingya community. They want the Rohingya to flee their motherland.

Some of the Rohingya people who have good relations with the Nasaka and police had asked them about the persecution against the Rohingyas, the authorities said, “If the Rohingyas are persecuted in such a way, they will flee the country. We want this, said a trader from the locality.

A businessman said, “This way if the concerned authorities continue their harassment against the Rohingya community, the existence of Rohingya community in Arakan will be at stake.”
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