Friday, February 06, 2009

Sri Lanka: Prbhakaran responsible for the deaths of thousands of Tamil children

Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. (content is unaltered - as published by source)

Sri Lanka Army sources said that the LTTE had sent a child suicide bomber to attack the Army 55 Division frontline yesterday (Feb 4). According to the sources, the child suicide bomber possibly between 13-16 years of age had exploded himself around 8.30 PM after reaching the soldiers in guise of a civilian seeking refuge with them.

The sources said that explosion could harm only one soldier as the others had managed to move into safer distance after identifying the suspicious behaviour of the suicide bomber. The sources added citing eyewitness account that child soldier had behaved in a manner as he had been drugged or severely harassed before the mission.

Using child soldiers as one-way fighters or those who are sent for the battle to suffer certain death has been one of the main tactics of the LTTE since long. LTTE chief V. Prbhakaran is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Tamil children who were killed in many human wave attacks carried out by the LTTE during last 26 years. The LTTE has been placed in the UN list of shame for using child combatants for war since last few years. Many Sri Lankan Tamils believe that the damage caused by the psychopathic leader of the LTTE to the Tamil population could not be mend for another several generations.
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