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Sri Lanka: Dear Senator Kerry - Terrorists and civilian hostages

By : Wick Gankanda California, USA

Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Dear Senator John Kerry - the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,

As a US citizen and a fan of yours, I worked with in 2004 to try to get you elected as the President of the United States. We all walked the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina to get out the vote. Currently, I am very concerned about the situation in Sri Lanka. I am equally concerned about your response to this situation as the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I have noticed that many politicians and the media have been successfully misled by the world's most ruthless terrorist group the LTTE Terrorists/Tamil Tiger Terrorists. I found your statements in the release titled "Kerry and Lugar Concerned about Humanitarian Situation in Sri Lanka" inconsistent with what we see on the ground daily for the past 25 years. Therefore I hope this letter will assist in understanding the true nature of the fight against terror in Sri Lanka.

The entire world knows that the LTTE Terrorists are responsible for the mass murder of civilians by suicide bombings, ethnic cleansing of non-Tamils, using innocent civilians as human shields, recruiting children as soldiers, narcotics trade, assassination of political leaders, extortion, sea piracy, credit card fraud, money laundering, identification fraud, arms trafficking, counterfeit trade, attempting to bribe U.S. State Department officials and the systematic murder of moderate Tamils. The same terror group established bogus human rights organizations as an effective front in UK, Canada, Norway, Australia and the US. Their ability to mislead us is quite impressive and hopefully this letter can help expose them and elicit an appropriate response from the Committee and the US government.

Let us now discuss the true nature of the current humanitarian crisis. The Tamil Tiger Terrorists are holding a small group of Tamil civilians as hostage to slow down the advance of the brave and efficient Sri Lankan armed forces trying to liberate the last of the terror-held areas. This is a gross violation of human rights by the Tamil Tigers against their own. The generous Sri Lankan government created a safety zone for civilians and asked the terrorists to release these hostages. The LTTE Terrorists only released a few and fired shells at the civilians when they reached the safety zone. As an American citizen, I expect the US to severely condemn and do everything to eliminate these terrorists. But we don't and we expect other nations to respect human rights and help us stop terror against the US. Why is that?

Then there is a huge problem with the number of trapped civilians itself. Amnesty International website said that there were more than 300,000 civilians, just to grab headlines. That was proven to be false. Then the Medecin Sans Frontier said that there were 250,000 civilians. Fortunately, this was proven to be false too but it did give a small boost to the LTTE lobby around the world. Your statement says approximately 250,000 internally displaced persons are trapped. Then a Catholic Priest who had escaped from the area puts the figure at 50,000! I am concerned as to where you got your figures since the most reasonable number I have seen that makes sense is a maximum of 50,000. How did we go from high 300,000 to 250,000 to 100,000 to 50,000 civilians? Is it possible that the actual number is even lower since this is a very small area to house even 50,000 civilians? What are we doing about bringing the LTTE to justice for holding an innocent civilian population hostage? How can we get an honest account of this when the human rights groups, citizens such as the terror-loving lawyer Bruce Fein, lawmakers and the media are blatantly misled by LTTE-fed propaganda and money?

Now I would like to discuss the media and how it is used by terrorists as a soft weapon. For the past 25 years, I have read too many false and biased stories by media outlets such as the BBC, Guardian UK, CNN, AP, Times Online UK, AFP, and even the NY Times. It amazes me as to how the media is incapable of discerning the truth about all the propaganda fed to it by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists. Should we expect the public to respect the media when it has failed its own professional standards for journalism? If you Google "BBC LTTE bias" it will hit many interesting articles on the Web. Why would any state trust the media when it is used as a weapon with impunity and to deliberately violate our right to the truth? To prove my point, I plan to send this letter to the NY Times, BBC and the Guardian UK, and I don't expect them to publish it. But I assure you that they will publish false statements made by the LTTE propaganda machine about fictional civilian casualties. If you were a defense official conducting a war against terror and trying to save civilians from harm, do you think you will trust the media since it is used as a propaganda weapon? Knowing this, will even the good Senator in Senate Foreign Relations Committee trust the media? How can we fix this media mess and hold them accountable?

As you are probably aware, the Tamil Tiger Terrorists generate $ 200 to 300 million every year for their brutal war, according the Jane's Defense Intelligence Review. Have you ever wondered about the source of these funds? Consider this: there is no surplus of funds available to the LTTE in Sri Lanka to fund terror. All that money came from the West. There are no weapons factories to arm terrorists in Sri Lanka. All the weapons came from outside of Sri Lanka. This leads to a set of simple facts:

1. The international community let the LTTE Terrorists raise funds through criminal methods in their countries without any regard for human rights, local, national and international laws. You may Google for "narco-terrorists LTTE finance" for articles on the Web about this global terror network. That includes many politicians in several western nations that looked the other way while accepting blood money in exchange for votes. If you Google "LTTE Terrorists Fund wars in West", you will get to articles about fund-raising for terrorists. What will stop Al-Qaeda from duplicating this successful operation?

2. Many nations turned a blind eye while the Tamil Tiger Terrorists used these funds to arm themselves to the teeth. Even international non-governmental agencies such as the Danish Refugee Council are involved in covertly providing equipment to these terrorists under the guise of humanitarian aid. Here is a specific example. On Feb 2, 2009, the Sri Lankan armed forces captured the hideout of the Tamil Hitler Prabhakaran and found a generator with ID number "DA-6000SS Engine no 3790685" used to provide power. The generator originated from the Danish INGO. We expect the Danish to give a bland explanation saying that it was stolen when no report was filed to that effect and no outrage expressed when humanitarian aid is used for terror. The Swiss had no comment when sophisticated GPS hardware was exported from Switzerland to Tamil Nadu, India, destined to the LTTE in Sri Lanka. The international community also was mute about the purchase and smuggling of aircrafts used by LTTE Terrorists. This has set a new standard for other terrorists groups. As you know the LTTE Terrorists are the inventors and the Islamic terrorist groups are the imitators. What will we do if UK, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway assisted Al-Qaeda in this manner?

3. Then the international community did nothing substantial while the LTTE Terrorists used those weapons to terrorize a democracy, murder thousands and violate human rights of millions for over 25 years. Now that same international community is surprisingly alarmed by the deteriorating humanitarian situation. I hope you realize that this humanitarian situation would not have happened in the first place if we had done the right thing by genuinely helping other countries eliminate terrorists and stop them from raising funds here at home and in Canada, UK, Australia and Norway, all so-called allies in the war against terror. Given this, how can we expect Pakistan to reign-in on Al-Qaeda?

4. When pressured by the LTTE Terrorists lobby, the international community started calling for a ceasefire knowing well that such ceasefires in the past have failed miserably because the Tamil Tiger Terrorists never honored their obligations. All previous ceasefires were used by these terrorists to recruit more civilians including children, rearm with even deadlier weapons and return with more terror attacks on the civilian population. You may Google "LTTE ceasefire violations" to learn more about this scam. Why is it so hard for us to learn lessons from history?

Let's explore a few specific examples on terror affiliations of politicians worldwide. What will you say to the British cabinet minister Lord Malloch Brown who attended meetings to support suicide bombers in UK in 2008 in exchange for money and votes? Do we really want British lawmakers such as Mr. Keith Vaz and Mr. Robert Evans to openly support terror in the UK? Please Google "British MP Tamil Terrorist" for more information. Another example is Canada which is a haven for radical and terrorists. Alan Rock, the former Canadian Liberal Party minister and a major terrorist fundraiser in the Canadian government promoted terror inside the UN as the Special Adviser on Children and Armed conflict. He went further by making phony statements as a UN diplomat against the Sri Lankan government supporting the LTTE Terrorists. Knowing this, would you ever trust the UN or the government of Canada? What are we doing about this since the US does not want the same international community to arm and support terrorist groups such as Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda?

We are all aware that the LTTE Terrorists maintain efficient fund-raising and lobbying offices around the world. A few well-known examples are Britain, Canada, Norway, Australia, Switzerland and now here in the United States. We also know that the Tamil Tiger Terrorists are on the US State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. If you Google "LTTE Terrorists US lobby", you are bound to run into some very interesting articles. The same group is banned in many European countries and India as a terrorist group. This begs the following question: how did a terrorist organization that's on the State Department's list of FTOs lobby mislead countries and the worldwide media? Even after been attacked by terrorists, after killing thousands and thousands in the name of fight against terror, we continue to ignore unimaginable crimes committed by the LTTE Terrorists. I did not read a single sentence highlighting LTTE atrocities in your statement. Why is that? What are we doing about shutting down front organizations of the LTTE that operate around the world? What do we say to the British who let the LTTE celebrate suicide bombers at meetings in London? Please Google "Tamils celebrate suicide bombers UK Maveerar" to read about this. Can you think of anything more horrible than finding out that our own (NATO) allies in the war against terror are actually helping terrorists run a successful terror organization on a global scale?

During their campaign of murder, over 10,000 Sinhalese were killed by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists. Tamils live and work in peace in all parts of Sri Lanka. They own over half of the businesses, run political parties and publish newspapers freely in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, only a Tamil can live in the North or North-East of the island. All other ethnic groups live in fear of death or were systematically murdered by LTTE Terrorists whose interests are represented by Tamil Sangams in the US. This is a great example of ethnic cleansing. We hope that you will show equal concern to all ethnic groups, since as fair-minded Americans, we don't believe that some people are more equal than others. Unfortunately, I did not read a single sentence in your statement to that effect and I would like to ask why?

Let us now discuss Nazi-like torture chambers run by the LTTE Terrorists. On February 3, 2009, the Sri Lankan armed forces discovered a torture site after liberating LTTE-held areas. Google "LTTE Visuamadu Auschwitz Uncovered" to access this info on the Internet. None of the media outlets mentioned above carried this story. Amnesty International is totally silent about it. Not a word from all those nations so concerned about human rights. Is this a good time to question their true motives? We hope you will reach out to the President, Defense Minister and the Army Commander of Sri Lanka and congratulate them for this discovery. It is time we gave credit to those who fight for our freedoms. Meanwhile, your statement is used by terror-promoting Web sites such as the Tamilnet to generate support for the LTTE and attack Sri Lanka for defending itself. We hope you will revise your statement to reflect the true nature of LTTE terrorism and why we need to eliminate it completely.

Since the Tamil Tiger Terrorists' efforts to destroy a democracy have nearly failed, I expect the US to force them to disarm and dismantle their global criminal enterprise. We need the US to apply enormous pressure on our allies to make them dismantle LTTE operations and fully back Sri Lanka and not terrorists. I expect the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to support Sri Lanka and her efforts to build and maintain a nation free of terror. I expect the US to do everything in its power to genuinely fight terror around the globe. We cannot expect other countries to take us seriously when we don't do anything substantial to help nations fight terror and eliminate terrorists such as the LTTE. Our newly elected President promised us change. It is long overdue.

Thank you.
Wick Gankanda
California, USA
Senator Richard Lugar of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee U.S. Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton The President of the United States, Mr. Barak Obama

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