Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sri Lanka: BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera hear no evil, see no evil - Opinion piece

By Gomin Dayasri

Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Republished for information and discussion only. This report does not necessarily reflect the views of Mike Hitchen Consulting

Before the heat of the war can simmer down - the cold war has begun.

Those foreign funded NGOs and their legion of paid mercenaries are drawing new initiatives to keep them in business with the collapse of their sponsored terrorists. Those thriving on armchair terrorism require fresh issues to attract foreign funding to continue with their life style and livelihood - return to the drawing board to fabricate fresh blue prints to attract more dollars. The cash flow will become a trickle unless Sri Lanka is disgraced. Devalue the nation to extract money, publicity and perks. It cost so much in life and limbs, rupees and dollars to Regain Sri Lanka; the struggle has to begin now to Save Sri Lanka.

Their emerging issue is the civilians under siege by the terrorists. The agenda is to crucify as villains those trying to free them from perpetual bondage and not those holding them in captivity against their will. There is an eerie silence on the suicide bomber killing innocent Tamils seeking safety- to deter others from making the crossing. There is a noisy outburst on a stray bomb striking a hospital premises harboring shooting terrorists- after placing a red alert to move the patients which passed unattended, to a designated safe grounds. Killing Tamil civilians escaping in a bus by the terrorists goes without comment.

Would a genuine representative of the Tamil people deprive freedom of movement for their own people to access safety? To the terrorists, a dead Tamil speaking no evil is preferable to a live Tamil revealing the truth. Ironically, the humanitarians are holding a brief for those perpetrating these horrific acts against innocent captives for whom they are wailing. According to the norms of western journalism the Tigers are entitled to its human prey while stones are thrown at those trying to tame the beast.

Those who batted for LTTE from the periphery will now bat for the TNA from the mainstream. Those who sponsored the state of Elam will opt for a federal state. The TNA is attempting to attract the support groups of the LTTE to gravitate towards the former proxy holders. The logistic providers of the LTTE in INGO clothing were naturalized federalists before they abandoned the cause and opted to be loyal to the terrorists since the cry for Elam was emerging stronger than the call for federalism. Their preference still was the federal state which was sold to the UNP with the Oslo declaration. Unlike the UNP, the federalist elements were projecting an embryo of a separate state to emerge from the federal structure. In fairness to the UNP, it was a stupid compromise to avert a separate state and the unfolding events disclosed it was a juvenile mind set on which the LTTE accelerated its growth. Naive Colombians are swingers prepared to sail on any sailing ship which provides comfort.

The Northerners priorities are not devolution packages or federal solutions-rather issues closer home to ignite their home fires and rebuild their lives. Political solutions are the salvoes fired by the forces hell bent to accelerate the process of division among the communities striving to integrate and politicians of varied shades fishing in troubled waters to extract power to expand their bases. The cold war warriors are the local cheer leaders of the NGOs beating war drums to plant germs of hatred between communities to be in the business of conflict resolution and human rights -both noble doctrines -but spun with witchcraft to extract plums by humanitarian mercenaries.

The Northerners crave for peace above all, after years of war; their immediate needs are the basics to live a life with dignity after years of deprivation. Their stoic nature, abundance of skills and true grit are sufficient to overcome years of adversity to overcome the setbacks of terrorism of 30 years. They have the capacity and capability to reach from nowhere to some where to every where. South must reach out to the North to help to reach some where, from where they can reach every where on their own initiative. The most effective response to the mischief making ventures of the self proclaiming international community and the choir boys of the INGOs are for the people of the south to voluntarily embark on elevating the down trodden North.

Those prolific script writers on humanitarian ventures and distributors of image and voice bites to the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera are like the blind living in a home for the deaf. They see no or hear no evil of the LTTE, having lived years on a high, on the stimulation of an anticipated LTTE triumph. It was inconceivable a third world nation could defeat the mightiest of the terrorists fighting formation - their patrons do not desire to be the pall bearers to carry their defeated dead to the crematorium-instead prefer to sing the last requiem to disgrace Sri Lanka; shyly acknowledge their powerful client states are losing their wars against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. Most western journalists are never taught to accept defeat gracefully or the art of correcting an erroneous misconception when made. Had there being a scintilla of evidence against the armed forces they would have painted the town red and the soldiers black. Being cornered, silence is the salvation.

Lessons must be learnt from errors made. Those that could be eliminated with insecticide need not grow to require a multi barrel. Arms are needed against terrorists- laws are sufficient against the unarmed. It is democracy and the rule of law that must reign supreme and criticism must be the antidote not only against the destructive but also against the constructive. Nevertheless those who are operating to destabilize the nation for a fistful of dollars with foreign interventions should be stunted in their growth; for they enjoy a balcony view of a ongoing war in which Sinhala and Tamil youth sacrificed their lives for causes they believe while those local commentators for foreign channels with alienated accents thrive on innocent deaths while adding fuel to a explosive situation. They live on the blessings of Elamists and will soon cross to the Federalists; truly worse than both are these human rights Samaritans and the wordsmiths of western journalism making it their business to make it a business for their maintenance and upkeep. In the name of balance presentation they reach exclusively for LTTE sources. It is the free worlds' free media, freely expressing their freedom of speech!
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