Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Iran: Iran becomes a major player in long range missile development

Riki Ellison, Chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance went on record today about the recent launch of a satellite into space by the Republic of Iran. His statement is a warning to the United States and its allies that Iran has become a major player in having a launch capability that can be the technical basis for developing a long-range missile system, and Ellison believes it can only be countered by our missile defense system. Ellison's statement is as follows:

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has just proved for the first time that it has the capability to place satellites in space, by successfully launching a three-stage, liquid-fueled rocket that has placed two objects in low Earth orbit. It is estimated that this Iranian satellite took 30 minutes to reach United States Air Space. Iran has demonstrated the key technologies of propulsion, staging and guidance to deliver a weapon of mass destruction globally."

Source: Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance
Published by Mike Hitchen, Mike Hitchen Consulting
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