Monday, February 16, 2009

Georgia: U.S. trained 1700 deserters for Georgian Armed Forces - report

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The following was published by REGNUM News Agency. It is republished without any alteration to spelling, text, punctuation or grammar. A Russian version can be read here.

"Georgian soldier Levan Kobaidze recalled from Iraq due to August war in South Ossetia is expected 10 years imprisonment. 25-years-old soldier is under the accusation of desertion, writes the Georgian newspaper “Versia” on February, 13.

However, the prosecutor’s office offers him 6 month long imprisonment instead of confession of guilt. As it turned out recently form Levan Chachibaya, Georgian Armed Forces Joint Headquarters Commander criminal case for desertion is initiated against almost 1.700 servicemen.

According to newspaper, all criminal defendants, had served their military obligations in Iraq, or had been prepared under instruction of Americans. It is mentioned in characteristic, given by American expert to Kobaidze that he was notable for his heroism and bravery and properly acquitted his duty to motherland. The same characteristics were given to other defendants. Another fact should be noted, that all committed crimes are as like as two peas in a pod- all of them had leaved the garrison afterword returned a few days, but were declared deserters. Everyone had declared in testimonies that they were ordered to leave garrison by force command."
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