Sunday, February 08, 2009

Europe: Southeastern European countries might fall under the control of organized crime

In a long-term aspect the failure to integrate the Southeastern European countries might pose even more serious threats. Some of the reports across the ocean say some of these countries might fall under the absolute control of the organized crime, former Defense Minister Dr. Velizar Shalamanov said in an interview with Focus News Agency.

He says it is highly important what the rate of the EU integration process of the Western Balkans will be.

“If the process slows down and the European Union does not find the necessary instruments and mechanisms to speed it up, the natural process of fragmentation, self-identification might result in tension,” he commented.

He rules out the domino effect after Kosovo’s proclamation of independence on February 17th 2008.

“I would not say this is a domino effect, rather tension that will pose security risks as well, most of all due to organized crime and trafficking,” he added.

Source: FOCUS Information Agency

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