Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Economy: Economic recovery package supported by most Americans

The following was released today by the Office of the Speaker of the House:

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll released today highlights the broad support among Americans for the economic recovery package and Democrats in Congress.

Results from the poll:

64 percent support the economic recovery package; 35 percent oppose the plan. [Washington Post, 2/23/09]

62 percent say the economic recovery package will help their local economy; 25 percent say the plan will hurt the local economy. [Washington Post, 2/23/09]

"Almost all Americans consider the size of the federal budget deficit to be a problem, with nearly six in 10 'very concerned' about it. But even so, most, 63 percent, said additional federal action will be needed to improve the economy." [Washington Post, 2/23/09]

56 percent trust Democrats to do a better job in dealing with the main problems the nation faces over the next couple of years -- nearly two-to-one over Republicans (30 percent). [Washington Post, 2/23/09]

Source: Office of the Speaker of the House
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