Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Agriculture: Crete - Farmers to consider future action in support of demands

The farmers from Crete, who are still at Piraeus harbor, will consider their future actions on Tuesday, Greek AHA-MPA agency informs.

Farmers arrived Monday to protest in front of the Ministry of Agriculture. The police made a cordon at the harbor so to stop the farmers to drive their tractors to Athens center. There were clashes, the police used tear-gas; people were injured; some were arrested.

Protestors met with deputy ministers of economy and agriculture. According to the chair of Framers Associations Confederation in Heraklion ministers proposal are not satisfying.
Ferry boat courses were canceled due to farmers’ protests.

Farmers’ demands are: subsidy for growing potatoes, decreasing of production price, bringing back 15% VAT, controlling commodity import.

Source: FOCUS Information Agency
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