Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tibet: Oh it's a happy holiday with China

China View extols the "virtues" of 50 years of suppressive Chinese rule by announcing a happy-happy holiday.

Quote: The establishment of "Serfs Emancipation Day" will offer Tibetans an occasion to remember history and remind themselves to cherish the good days they have enjoyed since the democratic reform 50 years ago, local people have said.

More than 380 legislators in Tibet unanimously endorsed a bill Monday to mark March 28 as "Serfs Emancipation Day", the date when about one million serfs and slaves in the region were freed in 1959 following an order of the State Council, or the Cabinet, to dismiss the local government of Tibet and replace it with a preparatory committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Gama Tenpa, an official in Lhozhag County, said it was the democratic reform and serfs emancipation that had changed the life of his family.

His mother, who was 83 years old, today would always remind the family of the miserable days they had before the emancipation when they had to share one pair of shoes.

Aaw, isn't that nice. Of course no mention was made of all those who have lost their lives and liberty fighting for freedom.
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