Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iran: Iran claims "leaders of the Zionist regime are to be put on trial soon for crimes against humanity"

Source: IRNA

Deputy foreign minister in education and research affairs said that Iran’s criterion to evaluate the new US government is its practical approach.

Ali Ahani in a meeting with ambassadors from Commonwealth Independent States ( CIS) in Tehran on Wednesday discussed international issues and exchanged views on issues of mutual interest.

Concerning Gaza, Ahani said that leaders of the Zionist regime are to be put on trial soon for crimes against humanity.

The regime has been blackmailing Arabs and Europeans for 60 years and has always created obstacles on the establishment of stability and tranquility in the region of Middle East, because it thinks war and instability in the region are guarantees for its survival.

Changes in Latin America and emerging governments with independent views are also among important world development, Ahani said.

Concerning President Obama election aftermath, Ahani said that the US government for the last 30 years has always tried to change Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime in different manners such as ; coup d’etat, economic sanctions, military moves and allocating budget to confront with the regime.

In spite of all these, Iran as one of the most stable regimes in the region has an important role in Islamic world and in the region.

Ahani added that powers outside region have no right to interfere in the regional affairs and problems here should be solved by the regional countries .

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