Friday, January 23, 2009

Bulgaria: Drunken Greek tractor drivers try to cross border

Protesting Greek farmers tried to enter Bulgaria with tractors, Bulgaria's Border Police press office reports.

The border police officers from the Border Police Station in the Bulgarian town of Petrich /south Bulgaria/ undertook fast actions to put the situation under control. The situaiton in the region was normalized at about 3.30 a.m.

Brigadier-general and director of the police directorate in Serres, N.Rizos, assured his Bulgarian colleges that all necessary measures will be taken to prevent similar accidents occuring again.
At 1.00 a.m farmers at Promahon border checkpoint drove about 15 tractors at Kulata border checkpoint, along Bistritsa River. Head of shift border checkpoint had immediately arrived on the sport and protestors told him that they want to cross Bulgaria’s border under the sign of protest.

Border police built fences with moving crash barriers to stop the protestors who were about 100 and were drunk.

The border police further said the protestors were accompanied by three teams of Greek TV channels. Additional teams of the border police have been sent to the spot.

Source: FOCUS Information Agency
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