Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bilateral Cooperation: Iran and Armenia exchange views on how to connect two countries' railroad networks.

IRNA reports Armenian Deputy Minister in Transportations and Connections in a meeting with Iran’s Railroad Managing Director conferred and exchanged views on how to connect two countries' railroad networks.

In the meeting, Hassan Ziari told his Armenian counterpart that the project is among the important ones for both government and nations .

He added that the total length of the project is around 540 kilometers 480 kilometers of which is in Armenian territory and the other 60 kilometers in Iran, so if the Armenia would coplete and put to use its part, Iran, too, would implement its own part in shortest possible time.

Ziari also announced Iran’s readiness to sell or lend train wagons to Armenia.
The Armenian Deputy Minister Biglarian, for his part, said that the technical and financial studies of the project have been completed by Armenian side and the Iranian officials, too, have presented their report on their own study of the matter.

He added that the final study on the project would be done by an Austrian company which will end the next month.
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