Sunday, December 14, 2008

Industrial Relations: Bulgarian police protest low wages - by smoking and eating bagels

Policemen from all region of Bulgaria are gathered in front of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia to smoke there as a protest against their low pay and working conditions, FOCUS News Agency reports.

The idea for the strange protest – smoking in front of the Ministry - started in the forums of the Ministry and was widely commented by the Bulgaria media. Law prohibits policemen from going on strike.

Policemen said their non-smoker colleagues would either eat bagels or sunflower seeds. Several policemen in uniforms joined the protest of their civilian colleagues.

'I am not surprised that there is so many people here, because this is about social problems’, the Secretary General of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior Pavlin Dimitrov said after he himself joined the protest adding: 'It is not a secret that there are people in the Ministry who do not deserve to be there.’

The way all this is being held contradicts all legal order and way of negotiating, the Bulgarian Minister of Interior Mihail Mikov said in an interview with Darik Radio when asked why he did not attend the protest of the policemen.

Source: FOCUS Information Agency

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