Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sri Lanka: "Eelam will not be a reality" - claims controversial Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

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The controversial Chief Minister of Tamilnadu MR. Karunanidhi has dropped a bombshell in the State Assembly Tamilnadu recently making the stunning statement that the dream of the LTTE a Tamil Eelam will never be a reality. In his statement he recalled with grief the brutal assassination of his late friend Mr. Amirthalingam by the LTTE.

The Chief Minister was speaking on several pro-LTTE resolutions moved by pro-LTTE Pattali Makkal party leader Mr. Gnakoon Sudarshan. The resolution requested the Indian Central government to exert pressure on the Sri Lanka Government to stop the Wanni military operations against the Tigers forthwith. The Chief Minster explained that the military operations against the LTTE is not a war against the Tamil people. The Tamilnadu Congress leader Mr. Gnasekaran and Mr. Hasan Ali opposed the resolution and voiced their support to the Chief Ministers stance.

It was pointed out that the LTTE was a guerilla movement believing only in terrorism and a small armed group. The Chief Minister reiterated that the LTTE does not represent the Tamil community. The LTTE desperately needs Indians intervention to avert an ignoramus defeat, be stressed.

Mr. Vaiko the leader of M.R.M.K. is the chief exponent of the Eelam concept in India. He tried in vain to mobilize the support of the International Community to the Eelam cause. He also met with the Prime Minister of India Mr. Manamohan Singh and requested him to intervene in the conflict in Sri Lanka. Fortunately the Prime Minister had not responded to his request. His next strategy is to meet with the Secretary General of the U.N.O. Mr. Moon to urge him to intervene in the conflict in Sri Lanka.

The defeat of the move of the Eelam lobbyists in the Tamilnadu State Assembly is a major setback for the LTTE which isolated the dreaded terrorist outfit from Tamilnadu.

The Chief Minister in his wisdom has foiled the strategic attempt by the LTTE to involve the Indian government in Sri Lanka's operations. This augurs well for the future of the Sri Lankan Tamil community who earn to live in a peaceful environment once tiger terrorism is eliminated.
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