Friday, April 04, 2008

Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan government tries to prevent U.S. showing "My Daughter The Terrorist"

The Sri Lanka embassy in Washington has urged the authorities of the State Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to take appropriate measures in preventing screening of "My daughter the terrorist," a movie on LTTE suicide bombers scheduled to be shown at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham, North Carolina, on April 4, 2008, an official of the Foreign Ministry said.

The film is said to be a distortion of exploitation of the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. The film, 'My daughter a terrorists' has audaciously portrayed a 12-year old Tamil girl's path towards becoming a suicide bomber, trained and brained washed by the LTTE terrorist movement.

"The LTTE website has unashamedly admitted how she was forcibly kidnapped as an infant for the ignominious role of being a suicide bomber. The movie has no qualms about glorifying suicide bombing in all its gory details. The Full Frame Film festival in Durham is now using this film as an attraction for viewers to enjoy the Film Festival at Durham, North Carolina, Asiantribune website reported.

Sources from Foreign Ministry told that the Norwegian producer Beate Arnestad had arrived in Sri Lanka during the Cease Fire Agreement period and entered Wanni without the permission of the Foreign Ministry or any responsible state body for the filming of the movie.

Meanwhile foreign news sources reported on Thursday (04) that the Eelam Revolutionary Organization (EROS) has also urged the United States Government to ban the "Black Tiger" documentary in the United States of America, as it was a blatant propaganda film glorifying suicide bombers and terrorism in Sri Lanka and would entice would-be suicide bombers to join terrorist organizations that are a threat to the interests of the United States.

Also Sri Lankan expatriates from all over the U.S. have risen in indignation and fury at the gross insensitivity of the organizers of the film festival. The organizers have been reportedly plagued by hundreds of e-mails and faxes from the public, pouring in from many States of the U.S. expressing outrage and trying to appeal to the better judgment of the organizers, who should have anyway known better than to schedule a movie promoting terrorism, foreign news sources added.

Source: Government Information Department