Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NATO: Crunch time for NATO

The meeting of NATO in Bucharest, which has already been called “historical”, will start tomorrow. The leaders of the 26 NATO, together with the leaders of the 23 countries, part of the “Partnership for Peace” program, will participate in the forum.

The agenda of the meeting has also been defined as “historical”. The operations of NATO in Afghanistan, the perspectives for accession of new countries to NATO (Croatia, FYROM, and Albania), the new threats for the security, and the accession of Georgia and the Ukraine to NATO’s Membership Action Plan will be the main points of discussion, the Russian newspaper Vremya Novostey reports.

Increased security measures have been introduced in Bucharest. Life in the Romanian capital has practically been paralyzed since Saturday. The citizens of Bucharest have been asked not to leave their homes at the moment of the arrival of the delegations, if possible. Pupils and Students have been granted mini-holidays. Over 10,000 people will look after the order in Bucharest, where antiglobalist protests are expected.

There are a lot of differences in the opinions of some of the members of NATO regarding some of the topics, so the meeting is expected with high interest. Greece, for instance, is against FYROM’s accession in NATO, using the name Macedonia, and the key decisions in NATO are only taken with consensus, the newspaper states.

Source: Focus News Agency
By: Vremya Novostey