Friday, April 04, 2008

Greece/Macedonia: Negotiations over the name “Macedonia” to continue

Athens intends on continuing the negotiations with Skopje over the name “Macedonia”, the Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis said in a statement. During the NATO meeting in Bucharest, Greece vetoed the accession of FYROM (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia) to the Alliance, RIA Novosti reported.

“We decided unanimously to accept Albania and Croatia in NATO. Following the veto of Greece, FYROM will not be accessed in NATO,” Karamanlis said.

“We have a long way ahead of us, and we continue with our efforts. The subject does not end in Bucharest. Hopefully the people who thought that one could be a part of international organizations without the fulfillment of certain criteria, would not have such illusions in the future,” the Greek Prime Minister emphasized. He also stressed on the fact that the Greek position has been accepted with understanding by some of the members of NATO.

Source: Focus News Agency