Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sri Lanka: Pre-dawn attack leaves 30 LTTE terrorists dead

At least 30 terrorists were killed and many wounded when troops made further strides into LTTE defences in a pre-dawn offensive launched in general areas at Manalmotai and Puliyankulama MCNS reported.

According to reports, SLA troops have forced 500m into LTTE defences in East of Cinnaodaippadu, which was recent liberated by troops.

Similarly, troops attacked and captured few LTTE defences at Elanthivan area Puliyankulam on Monday (10) MCNS reported. According to reports, received 26 terrorist were killed in the skirmishes.

The names of the deceased LTTE cadres, obtained after listening to LTTE transmissions, are as follows; (1) Neelamalar (2) Pawala Neela (3) Shamy (4) Kale Thamil (5) Suwanpa (6) Venna Maran (7) Neela Mahal (8) Janaki (9) Komadhi (10) Jenni (11) Darshani (12) Achini (13) Arnimalar (14) Ishara (15) Indiyawany (16) Purachchi Neela (17) Nivedani (18) Madhavi (19) Punidha (20) Ninilveli (21) Ithithavan (22) Ikanpaoadi (23) Komahal (24) Veddhalvani (25) S. Janaki (26) Pavandi.

Their names suggest the most of those killed LTTE terrorists were women or girls who were new to the battle lines, MCNS further reported.

Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka