Saturday, March 01, 2008

Haut de la Garenne: No trace should remain

The following has been posted on the States of Jersey Government Website

Haut de la Garenne to close until 28 April 2008

The Trustees of Haut La Garenne and the Youth Hostel Association have today confirmed that the Haut de la Garenne Centre will be closed until 28th April.

The Youth Hostel Association will offer full refunds to members who have already made bookings and Jersey Tourism will provide assistance to help find alternative accommodation to those affected.

The trustees believe that this significant period of closure will allow the relevant authorities enough time and full and complete access to conduct their investigations. In addition, it will allow the community a period of time to reflect and share in the sadness that has so deeply touched us all.

For comment please contact Deputy Anne Pryke – Trustee for Haut La Garenne

Oh I can give a comment. Never mind about reopening. Blow the damn place up, then take every brick, every piece of wood, every piece of debris, and dump them deep in the ocean.

That building should never be allowed to remain as a monument to decades of unspeakable evil, unimaginable misery, fear, suffering and mental and physical abuse. To allow it to remain open as some sort of Happy Valley Holiday Home to add extra tourist dollars to the money hungry states of Jersey, is an insult to all those who suffered in that place - courtesy of the usual mutual protection society.

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