Thursday, March 13, 2008

Child Abuse: The man who abused his stillborn daughter

This is Jeremy Young, a so called poet from Bradford, U.K. who lives in a housing authority flat normally reserved for drug users and alcoholics. Not surprising as Young jokes about his drinking habits in a 2004 article for a local writers magazine.

This is a man who refers to people masturbating over images of his stillborn baby - an image he was prepared to put on a blog noted for the vulgarity and obscenity of its comment section.

What grieving father - except one totally deranged - would even contemplate such a thing?

Jeremy Young - that's who.

But wait - there's more. This "man" abuses his child by degrading her memory with remarks such as "pimping her out" to others. No father in the world would make such remarks about his daughter, and the thought of anyone else making such comments would provoke them to rage.

But the words come easily to Jeremy Young - the poet who uses words such as, "Late at night, when soaked in wine, I pull your picture from the jumble of porn that fills my computer; and wonder why you look so tired, mouth open,caught in dreaming from a sleep which I cannot wake you."

This "man" has also waged an ongoing assault on a team of bloggers fighting for the rights of children. He is aided in his twisted assault by defenders such as author Jill Havern from Birmingham.

That campaign involved (but is far from limited to) the posting of personal information; posting images of his targets altered in such a way that their new vulgarity blend in on a spoof blog containing pornographic images; accusing the team's members of being paedophiles (without giving any indication why) and attacking his targets partners and deceased friends and relatives.

Makes you wonder what his real agenda is against those who raise awareness of children's rights, when you consider his own proven penchant for linking sexual acts to children, (such as references to a seven year old and his mother).

Young will shortly become a father. The child will be born to a man who publicly talks about others masturbating over his stillborn baby and glibly refers to "pimping her out"

I think it would be fair to say that any right minded person would have grave concerns for the new child. Would you want such a man looking after your child? I know I would not?

Bradford Social Services have been informed and the matter was passed to police. However, we all know how such things can be overlooked.

Britain has recently seen it's fair share of tragedies involving children - but there is a chance to address potential issues now - the warning signs are all there.

Or do we have to wait for officials with artificial grim faces, facing the cameras to make an apology and assure the public that the matter will be investigated?

By then - it's too late. As it has been for far too many children.

Protect Jeremy Young's Child - From Jeremy Young