Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Burma: Burma’s security forces attempt to cripple Rohingya economy

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Nasaka Burma’s border security force has been betraying business men after taking bribes. The (Nasaka) gives permission to some business men to export goods to Bangladesh after taking money but later when the business men are ready to cross the Naff River, the Nasaka seize all their goods.

On March 8, at noon, Md. Yusuf (32), son of Md. Sayed, hailing from Tha Yai Gone Tan (Kunnapara) in Maungdaw Township along with six others loaded 300-water melons and 10 goats in a row boat and was ready to take it to Bangladesh after acquiring permission from the Nasaka, said one of the relatives of the victims on condition of anonymity.

When the boat reached the mouth of Thin Hong River to cross the Naff River, the head of the group got down from the boat and went to the Kunnapara Nasaka camp to inform. But Nasaka stopped the boat from crossing the Naf River though the business men had already got permission from them.

All the business men were arrested and their goods worth kyat 4, 40,000 including the boat seized.

"It is a ploy to destroy the business of the Rohingya community," a village elder said.

All the arrested business men were brought to the camp and detained there for two days. The relatives were not allowed to give them food and other necessary articles in custody, said a local villager.

However, on March 10, all the business men were released after paying kyat 800,000 to the commander of the Kunnapara Nasaka camp of Maungdaw Township.

"If any one is arrested by the authorities, he/she will not be released without paying money. The extortion from the Rohingya people is aimed at crippling them economically."