Friday, February 08, 2008

Sri Lanka: Who among your friends toast terrorists?

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Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Who are the friends of terrorism?

Colombo's sophisticated society- the so called Jet Set. They serve the terrorists not because they care for the terrorists; because they selfishly love themselves so much - to filthily enrich and benefit themselves rapidly-they are prepared to forget the country and its people. The indirect beneficiaries are the terrorists, because these yuppies and grannies, youthful and aged, wittingly or unwittingly, yield to the agenda sought by the terrorists. Within the framework of the civil society the LTTE has platoons of such foot soldiers in disguise operating on behalf of the terrorists in a free and open society in which we live. Yet, they live in their own gulag away from the People- being serial losers at any election whenever People are consulted. Colombo and suburbs where they live in pseudo splendor is a make believe small world away from Sri Lanka.

These Colombo social climbers crave for peace-no doubt a noble aspiration- but at any cost- on terms beneficial to the terrorists. They care not for those innocent Tamils, who live in captivity in uncleared areas, without a semblance of democracy or the right of dissent or facilities of free movement or right of association within Sri Lanka. Peace they seek is an environment to further their personal schedules; Peace that would enable the terrorists to achieve their objectives. The Colombo Jet Set would rather cohabit with the terrorists if it is rewarding like the merchants in the arms bazaar. Peace we seek must not be peace to rest with terrorists and live with dollars. It must be peace that will safeguard the future generations and free the innocent Tamils living in LTTE dominated enclaves from the clutches of the terrorism and provide them facilities to exercise their fundamental rights which are presently denied. Peace that must safeguard our territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Colombo mafia has no appreciation of the heroics of the armed forces which is primarily the work of the rural poor. Surely they would not be able to live and transact business or indulge in their professions or live in comfort with their families or travel to the airport to take flight or socialize at parties and functions-which are a part of the legitimate entitlements of an affluent society- if not for the security provided by the armed forces. Yet they continue to mock the forces and bring them to contempt in the public mind, endeavor to dismantle security barriers calling it an irritant, scorn those manning long hours at the barriers or make no contribution towards the elimination of the LTTE; yet frown on Al Qaeda or Hamas or Talibans, as these are not the friends of the western powers whom they venerate and continue to sustain those who covertly support the LTTE which is part of their misguided values in their trendy outlandish life styles.

They think not of the country. They are the products of foreign funded NGO's, commercial chambers, professional mafias and social climbers in the cocktail circuits or academics in search of an additional stipend or perquisites. Grant them an air ticket and a fistful of dollars-they will embark even to hell. These are the reincarnation of those traitors, who once upon a time, sold our rights to the white man to gain a few pence or a title.

They mind not - if the country is divided or portions ceded, end the war on any terms, allow secession to succeed or admit foreign forces to native soil. They will mouth the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in the seminar circuit being illiterate to be aware of its consequences, lend their name to circularized petitions to thwart attempts to dismantle terrorism merely to seek publicity or social recognition- nobodies wanting to be somebodies.

Who among your friends still dine and wine toasting the terrorists?

Treat them with the contempt which they richly deserve.