Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Media: Iranian official urges action to combat anti-Iran propaganda

A senior official with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance on Tuesday emphasized the need for confronting anti-Iran propaganda made by Farsi-language satellite channels.

"Some 34 Farsi-language TV channels are currently broadcasting anti-Iran propaganda from overseas," Director General for Publicity Affairs of the ministry, Ali-Reza Karimi, said in this southern province.

In addition, he said, there are other foreign-language channels which air different programs against Iran.

Karimi made the remarks in a seminar attended by officials in charge of publicity nationwide.

He urged the participants "to adopt proper ways" to confront the ongoing propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran by foreign- based opposition TV channels.

Stressing the significance of "making appropriate and effective publicity," Karimi said that academic and scientific bodies should provide special courses to train generating effective and proper publicity against negative propaganda.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency