Monday, February 11, 2008

Madeleine McCann: The Betrayal of Madeleine McCann

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As the political and legal game of brinkmanship is played out between two countries that once were allies, (a relationship damaged for the protection of a gang of British lager louts) Madeleine's name, image and memory continue to be used as tools in a perception management campaign of unprecedented and obscene proportions.

The British media can continue to blame and berate the Portuguese people as much as they like - for the Portuguese can hold their heads up high.

It is not the Portuguese who are responsible for Madeleine's death. It is not the Portuguese behind a transparent whitewash. They do not have a highly paid Portuguese Golden Gob Mitchell, to project their image. It is not the Portuguese who resort to racial abuse.

The protection of names, reputations; power; money and secrets, has been carried out by the British Establishment, British politicians and the British media.

They are the ones who believe such things are far more important than truth, justice and dignity for a little girl. A little girl who has no Establishment spokesperson to speak on her behalf. Madeleine has only the voices of decent, caring British people to speak for her.

Voices increasingly stifled by those who speak on behalf of wider agendas.

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