Saturday, February 23, 2008

Iraq: Claim British troops executed and mutilated Iraqi prisoners

IRB reports that dozens of Iraqi detainees were tortured, killed and their corpses mutilated by soldiers at a British army camp, according to evidence released from a group of survivors Friday.
Five of nine survivors said they witnessed the torture and executions of many of their countrymen, who were held prisoner after a gun battle at a checkpoint near the town of Majar al Kabir in May 2004.

The report presented at a news conference in London comes after the recent lifting of a gagging order to prevent the allegations being reported.

A month after the incident, the Guardian published a story quoting local doctors as saying the bodies recovered from the British Army base at Abu Naji had been horribly mutilated.

22 detainees murdered and another nine were tortured. Solicitors for the survivors presented written statements, photographs, death certificates and other related material about the incident.

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