Monday, February 25, 2008

Iran: Iranian official says US and its allies should apologize

IRIN repeorts Senior Presidential Advisor Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi said on Sunday that the US and its allies at UNSC should apologize to the Iranian nation for their mistakes and try to compensate them.

The recent report issued by the IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei proved that Iran's nuclear activities are of peaceful nature and therefore any probable UNSC resolution to this end would be baseless.

Speaking to Japanese Kyodo news agency, he said the recent report by the IAEA indicated that ElBaradei confirmed the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program and underlined that all information provided by the Iranian officials to this end were accurate.

The US and its allies exerted more pressure on IAEA chief to dissuade him from issuing a new report on Iran's nuclear activities and since the report did not meet their demands they have kept silence cause the report once against proved Iran's legitimate right to benefit from peaceful nuclear energy, he said.

IAEA has officially declared that Iran has not deviated from its peaceful programs and has answered to the remaining questions regarding P1 and P2 in details, he said.

Samareh Hashemi advised the US and some of European countries not to put pressure on other members of UNSC to follow their wrong decisions.

All freedom seeking nations such as Iran and Japan are against bullying powers, he said.

When IAEA declares that the nuclear activities of one country is peaceful and fully comply within rules and regulations of IAEA, others must avoid putting pressure on the country by issuing resolutions, he underlined.

Unfortunately, Iran's nuclear dossier was sent to UNSC based on fabricated and baseless information and Iran merely believes that IAEA is the only official body authorized to handle the case, he said.

On Iraq's development, he urged the US forces to pull out from the country as soon as possible.