Thursday, February 07, 2008

Book Publishing: Retraction of book review of Jill Havern's book "Silent Treatment"


In August 2007, I posted a book review of "Silent Treatment" by author Jill Havern. I did so as a favour for someone that at the time I believed to be genuine and deserved a break.

I now retract that review as the claims she makes about her book and about her story, can not be relied upon.

Jill Havern is not the person she claims to be. She has repeatedly proved to be unethical and lacking in integrity. Her methods include threats to myself, posting of my home address to another forum, (see below) and either Havern or one her cohorts, impersonating my former fiancee and making multiple posts on a "hate" site known as Rat Mail. For some reason she also claims to have reported me to the NSW Police.

Late last year Jill asked me to write a foreword for her new book. I agreed to do so and several times suggested we get together to talk about the content. In the end I gave up trying, something she apparently took as "lack of interest".

It was then that I discovered the real Jill Havern is not the victim or warrior for rights, that she claims to be.

My father, my abuser

Havern then hooked up with failed Bradford poet Jeremy Young - a dysfunctional drunk with a penchant for writing sexually oriented content involving children (Rabbit God) - including his own.

Young operates a hate website under the name Trannyfattyacid, and his comments sections - especially November, are filled with hate comments and illegally obtained transcripts of private conversations posted out of context and often doctored.

Young wrote a grotesque poem called Clueless, that he alleges is about his stillborn daughter Ethel. However, his grief did not prevent him describing how he imagined me "wanking" all over a photo of his dead baby. Many would consider Young's description to constitute child pornography.

Young's twisted venom is a result of jealousy driven by my success at bringing to light the many inconsistencies surrounding the case of Madeleine McCann. It is a pity that his jealousy has detracted from that issue and has driven him to desecrate the memory of his daughter.

This man needs help, he is a danger not only to himself - but more importantly, to others.

There is an interesting article called 'Just ‘Bidjing’ Along" in the February 2004 edition of Tyke Writer, a newsletter for creative writers in Bradford & District, that gives an insight into this man's mind and talent.

More details of Young's harassment of not only myself, but also other bloggers, can be seen in Internet: Illegal impersonation of my readers on the blog of trannyfannyacid, AKA Jeremy Young.

One of his favourite tactics is the illegal cloning of his victim's readers, and the immediate reposting on his blog of content stolen from others. Another tactic is comment spam. I have a collection of thousands of attempted posts to my blog, all originating from his small band of supporters such as Jill Havern. Many contain insults and threats.

Blogger has been informed but they adopt Google's usual "couldn't give a stuff" attitude and ignore blatant violation of their TOS. A copy of this post is being sent to Rob Shilkin, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Google Australia and New Zealand for his consideration and opinion.

My book review was done in good faith and I apologise if anyone was misled in the same way I have been.

Considering Havern's lack of integrity and choice of friends (whose behaviour she obviously condones) I feel fully justified in publishing this retraction.