Thursday, February 07, 2008

Burma: Rohingyas kept in detention on fabricated charges to extort money

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More than 80 Rohingyas have been detained in the temporary detention centre of Nasaka, Burma's border security forces area No. 5.

The detainees were arrested on various false and fabricated charges to extort money since the beginning of 2008, said an aide of the Nasaka.

"The detention centre is too small to accommodate the people. They can hardly sit leave alone stay there," he added.

The authorities are demanding money. Those who are able to meet their demand will be released. Those who cannot will stay in the small detention centre.

The Nasaka have not transferred the detainees to police custody for further action, as they were charged with false cases, said a teacher in Ngakura village.

However, Fayaszul Islam (40) and Maadu Islam (35) hailing from Auk Pyoma village were arrested on false allegations of using illegal Bangladeshi mobile phones on February 4 and released on February 5 after they paid a bribe of Kyat four million, which was collected from their relatives, said Maadu Islam.

On other hand, Ayub (45) and Lukman (40) hailing from Kkuppagoung village, were arrested on February 2 on suspicion for crossing the border and human trafficking. The commander of area No. 5 demanded Kyat 6 million for their release, said an elder from said village. The commander of Nasaka area No. 5 is Major Kyi Hlain