Monday, February 25, 2008

Burma: Police charge to return the dead

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Police collected toll for two bodies in Maungdaw Township. While one person was killed by an elephant another drowned in a shrimp dam on February 21.

Md. Amin (3), son of Imam Hussain from Dodan east village of Maungdaw Township drowned on February 21, at around 2:30 pm while he was playing near a shrimp dam. The Bawli Bazaar police station was informed and the police took kyat 50,000 along with 12 bags of cement for permission to bury the body. One cement bag is sold for kyat 11,000. In total, the parents of the victim had to pay kyat 182,000, said a relative of Md. Amin.

Md. Noor (50), son of Zohali, hailing from Mea Zin village of Lone Done village tract in Bawli Bazaar, Maungdaw Township was killed by a wild elephant on February 20, at about 10 am, when Noor accompanied by another villager were clearing bushes in a deep forest for hill cultivation. The other person managed to flee. Noor was sent to Bawli Bazaar hospital but he died on February 21, according to the widow of the victim.

The relatives of the victim had to pay kyat 50,000 to the police for permission for burial and also kyat 20,000 to the hospital doctor for not conducting an autopsy. The family is very poor man and managed get the money by selling their property, said a relative of the dead.